Debut EP “Quarrelling with the Spider Monkey” now available online!

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Welcome to my (still under construction) website. It feels a bit labored and ridiculous to write this as if someone else was writing it so here goes – first person it is.

Hi, I’m Jamie David and here’s some of the hats I wear – singer-songwriter (either solo or with Miracle Band X); multi-instrumentalist; composer; community musician/educator and facilitator; lover of artistic collaboration. Short on time, interest or attention span? – go on and dive into the links at the top of the page. Otherwise here’s a bit more background about the bloke in the above photo.

Singer-songwriter – if you’re new to them, welcome to my idiosyncratically eclectic world of poetic song-stories! Don’t ask me to categorise what I do – it’s usually pretty genre-blending. I’m one of these people who listens to and loves lyrics, so there’s always plenty of imagery, wordplay and storytelling in my songs. As a performing songwriter I’ve been doing solo gigs interspersed with the odd duo or trio since my late teens but for the last eight or nine years have fronted ‘Miracle Band X‘, which is a floating line-up of superb muso’s I gather together (when I can) to bring these song-stories to life in an expanded format. Despite a diversity of musical interests, writing songs and singing them remains my chief passion.

Multi Instrumentalist – By my early 20′s, I had used the following in various projects; voice, guitar, violin, mandolin, banjo, flute, clarinet. A foray into Samba parade music and African drumming then opened me up to the world of percussion and since then I’ve done quite a lot of work as a percussionist using a whole range of instruments from the percussion diaspora. African percussion opened me up to the traditions of Kora and Balafon (West African harp and xylophone) and I’ve made two trips to the region to study these wonderfully rich traditions. I’ve also learned some shona mbira (Zimbabwean thumb piano) and occasionally like to use shakahatchi (Japanese flute) in performance. Recently I’ve been exploring a modern instrument called Array Mbira – a five octave chromatic “thumb piano” and have had a lot of fun playing acoustic bass. And, most recent of all, I’ve obtained a Nord Electro 4 Hammer action keyboard and am playing it like a man possessed trying to make up for all that lost time not playing keyboard!

Composer – Since I started playing music, I always had a drive to compose music. I remember when I started learning classical guitar in my last year of primary school, very early in the piece I came to my teacher with a duet I had written. I kept on doing this every few weeks, a pattern that I continued until high school beat it out of me. The teacher was very kind and patient, playing the second guitar parts on what must have been fairly rudimentary tunes.
As an adult I’ve composed the odd short film soundtrack as well as music for live theatrical and circus performances. I’ve also recorded a couple of albums of some my instrumental music, with the help of various musical buddies.

Community Musician/educator and facilitator – Over the years I’ve run community courses in African and Brazilian percussion, singing, vocal percussion, body percussion, marimba and instrument making. Most recently I’ve been focusing on teaching a process I devised called ‘Body Rhythmelodics”. In past I’ve worked with general adult community groups, school groups, urban, remote and indigenous communities, children and adults with developmental disabilities, migrant groups and asylum seekers. Usually these projects have lead to community performances. Often there is collaboration with other art forms, artists and community groups. All of which leads onto…

Artistic Collaborations – I love collaborating with practitioners of other art forms to create a whole that is greater than the sum of our parts. I feel particularly blessed, because my current work with Sensorium Theatre gives me a regular chance to do just that!