Miracle Band X

Miracle Band X (or, more simply, MBX) is a vehicle for my frequently outside of the box story-telling songwriting. I’m lucky to draw from a pool of exceptionally wonderful musicians and alter the line up from time to time and from gig to gig. Because of this, and because of the eclectic nature of the songs, the  band sound varies quite considerably, from intimate acoustic (such as the trio featured in the video above) to more worldy/jazzy (just add Mark Cain and stir vigorously) to downright rockin’ produced electric textures (such as when joined by electric/midi guitar magician James Maguire). The common thread is the songs – songs which focus on poetic storytelling, and often use slightly unusual structures to highlight the lyrics, carry emotion and move the body in ways that reinforce the story and take the listener on an imaginative journey.

To get some idea of the way the sound can vary, you might like to contrast the above video to the following studio recording – a preliminary mix of the song ‘Opium’ from MBX’s upcoming first album (planned launch early 2015)

Band members – Come along to an MBX gig and you’ll most likely find yourself listening to Jamie David and some combination of the following players:

Manoli Vouyoucalos (upright and electric bass, harmony vocals), Holly Norman (drums/percussion, harmony vocals) or Vince Parvit (drums), Geordie Batey (viola, vocals), Jen Goldberg (cello, vocals), Mark Cain (reed and wind instruments), James Maguire (electric/midi guitar, vocals)