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Sensorium Theatre
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Sensorium Theatre creates immersive multi-sensory theatre experiences for children and teenagers with special needs. These special needs – learning and developmental disabilities such as autism, downs syndrome, complex and multiple disabilities etc – call for a very different approach to theatre and story telling.

I joined the company in mid 2013 as a composer/musician/performerand continue to thoroughly enjoy it’s many challenges and rewards; working in multi-faceted theatre projects with a wonderfully creative, open hearted and dynamic team, doing intensely engaged residencies of workshops and performances with kids who’s special needs actually make them pretty damn good teachers! I’d also like to express my gratitude and admiration for the teachers and education assistants who commit their working lives to helping these amazing kids learn and grow.

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After many months of jamming, composing and drinking cups of tea, percussionist Eugene McGrath and myself have begun recording an album of instrumental music featuring our two differently but compatibly tuned hangs. (The PanArt Hang is a hand played steel pan instrument that looks like a tiny flying saucer and also sounds like it might possibly come from another – enchanted – planet!)

This project has it’s roots in 2008 when we were in Bern (Switzerland) touring with ElectricKoraland (the other member of the trio being cellist Jen Goldberg). Bern is the home of the enigmatic and difficult to obtain Hang. Since you couldn’t order Hangs in advance and could only get them by going to this one place in the world where they are made, Eugene and I thought we’d try our luck and emerged from Bern each the happy owner of a new Hang. And lo and behold, even though we hadn’t checked and hadn’t planned it, by good fortune these two differently tuned instruments sounded great together! I instantly proposed that we do a recording project and it’s only taken us slightly over half a decade to get around to actually doing…stay tuned folks…

Loose Tooth -

I currently work with disabilities access music group Loose Tooth in a multifaceted role which includes documentation through audio recording and video as well as assisting and collaborating with music director Peter Flavelle. Loose Tooth is run by DADAA inc, Western Australia’s premier Disabilities and Disadvantaged arts access organisation